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12 Ways Not To Get Ripped Off By SEO Companies

These 12 key points will absolutely help business owners look for the right things and ask the right questions.

12 Different Ways Not to Get Ripped off By SEO Companies

  1. They Offer Quick Rankings or Guarantees
  2. Check the Company’s Social Media Pages
  3. What are the Conversations About?
  4. Read Their Blog
  5. Transparency
  6. Check the SEO Company’s Traffic and Indexed Keywords
  7. Rock Bottom Pricing!
  8. Watch Their Link Building Strategy
  9. Lacking A Detailed Content Marketing Strategy
  10. Control and Manage Your Own CMS, CPanel, and FTP
  11. SEO PACKAGES One Size Does Not Fit All
  12. Long-Term Contracts

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12 Different Ways Not to Get Ripped off By SEO Companies

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